KASP is the exclusive partner in GCC for Maxxsure, a pioneer in innovative cyber security risk management.


Maxxsure's technology provides sophisticated tools that:

KASP Collects icon
Collects all information affecting cyber security risk in one place instead of being scattered across the organization (systems, processes, policies, etc).

KASP Compute icon
Rates every aspect of this information with regards to its cyber security risk, then produces an overall score (M-Score TM) for the organization (quantifies the cyber security risk for the organization as whole as well as each factor).

KASP Budget icon
Provides a decision making tool to prioritize actions against documented risks, aided by their impact on the organization score. This helps with budgeting as well.

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Transforms cyber security assessment from a series of disconnected exercises into one continuous initiative that can be updated according to progress made against each identified risk.

KASP Tracks icon
Tracks the execution of all activities related to cyber security risk management.


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