Why Data & Reporting Is Critical to Business Success ?

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With 90% of data created in last two years & most business being digitalized; data is now blood bank for organizations. With organizations in their digitalization journey most of the business decisions has been data driven already based on facts, trends & statistical numbers

Challenge is with huge amount of data available it’s very important for leaders to get the right information so that they can make the best decisions about strategy & growth.

With SAP in analytics space for more than a decade this brings variety of tools on the table to cater reporting & analytics seamlessly. With innovations ongoing with SAP Business Objects & SAP Analytics on Cloud we have innovative tools & options helping customers in their data strategy journey all across the globe.

It’s true that it isn't enough to have the data. This is where KASP will be your local partner in Kuwait through this journey to deliver the analytics using SAP & add value. We are SAP partner since 1998 serving all major banks in Kuwait & other sectors in Kuwait. We have team of 12+ local certified consultants with extensive experience in SAP BI area helping customers all across Kuwait.

KASP can help customer in data strategy by:

  • Deliver personalized services based on customer requirement.
  • With so many tools in the market recommending the best & right fit for analytics.
  • Local Onsite Support
  • Proven track record & experience in delivery.
  • SAP Certified technical consultants


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